Thoughts on Bluetooth and Audio Quality

Bluetooth is considered a “lossy sounding” format by “Audiophiles” (stereo nerds). Let’s take a couple pages from an Audiophiles notebook. Listening to Podcasts with voice content via Bluetooth (wireless) is much different than listening to music. Music requires much more from the audio components and the “signal chain” that connects the system together. The “frequency […]

K-38 – A band from Santa Monica

K-38 sticker 1988

Santa Monica surfers and high school friends Bill Costigan and Peter DiStefano, founded the band K-38 with Eric Boltz (bass) and Mike Mullen (keyboards, trumpet and EVI) in 1981. K-38 started as a surf influenced band that drifted to embrace many different styles of music including jazz, rock, pop, alt rock, reggae, and country. Perhaps […]