Case Studies

Hearing is believing at Poindexter’s. We remain curious and excited about evolving sound technologies. Our gaze goes well beyond gear designed for “consumers”. We pull ideas, equipment and techniques from recording studios, concert halls and night clubs and mastering labs. All of us are musicians of some caliber at Poindexter’s. We love music so listening, seeking and testing comes natural to us. We can get it right for your home, business or venue the first time.

In the mid ’80s, some of our early audio-video adventures included retrofitting musty old screening rooms equipped with noisy, oily, high-maintenance 35mm film projectors. We’d piece together a video projection system using a data projector designed for NASA or a Vegas casino. We’d re-patch the audio system to the tired and dusty old JBL or Altec Lansing speakers hidden behind dry and cracking perforated film screens. It was an adventure!

We began thinking about how this early generation of home theaters could evolve from being just adequate, to good, to really amazing. The equipment, acoustics, lighting, ventilation, control system — each played a part in the overall experience. So began a decades-long quest in search of ingenious technologies and manufacturers who pushed the envelope. Upon moving Poindexter’s to the mountains of Montana in 2000, we graduated from building mostly media rooms and theater systems to working on a much more diverse assortment of projects. Here are a few. (More coming soon.)

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