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Just as a composer must have a solid understanding of how musical instruments can merge to achieve a desired result, so do we have expert knowledge of the tools & technology available to produce the finest sound quality for your space, customized for your needs.

  • High Fidelity Music, PA, Sonos, and Multi-Channel Sound Systems for small or large rooms, indoor or outdoor venues, installed or rented.
  • Distributed Music Systems covering a home, hillside, ranch, or mountain.
  • Acoustical and Sound System modeling, testing, evaluation, and system tuning.
  • Acoustical Room Treatments designed to modify noise levels, custom tailored to the environment.
  • Audio Recording Systems for huddle and conference rooms.
  • Sound Isolation Products and specifications.
  • Voice Recording, with limited post-production mixing and sweetening.
  • Special Event Sound, PA Reinforcement, and Audio Recording of events.

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