K-38 – A band from Santa Monica

K-38 sticker 1988

Santa Monica surfers and high school friends Bill Costigan and Peter DiStefano, founded the band K-38 with Eric Boltz (bass) and Mike Mullen (keyboards, trumpet and EVI) in 1981. K-38 started as a surf influenced band that drifted to embrace many different styles of music including jazz, rock, pop, alt rock, reggae, and country. Perhaps too many different styles of music. The band’s name was taken from the surf break located 38 kilometers south of the border in Baja Mexico.

K-38 had some local success playing hundreds of shows up and down the California coast. Plus within westside clubs that included: Madam Wongs West, the Troubadour, At My Place, Hop Singh’s, and the Music Machine. The band was mentored by several talented recording engineers/producers. They helped open the doors to some of LA’s finest recording studios including: A&M, Capital Records, Cherokee, Conway, Crystal Sound, Ground Control, Post Logic, Westlake, and Yamaha R&D which became Aire LA. K-38 went into dry dock in 1992. Peter joined the hugely successful “Porno for Pyros” band which formed with two of the founding members from the very successful “Jane’s Addiction” band. Peter ignited the music scene writing the music for two Warner Brothers backed records. Peter has toured the world playing music with one highlight playing at Woodstock 2 in front of 300,000 people.

Bill and Peter reunited for a single Bozeman show in 2010.

K38 Alumni

Peter DiStefano- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Bill Costigan- Drums, percussion, and backing vocals
Eric Boltz- Bass and backing vocals 1981-1984
Mike Mullen- Keyboard, Trumpet, EVI and backing vocals 1982-1986

Brad Cummings- Bass 1984-1985
Jimi Ray Oliver- Bass & Vocals 1985-1987
Scott Pape- Keyboards and backing vocals 1986-1987
John Mohr- Bass 1987-1988
Barend Bendorf- Keyboards 1987-1987
Erik Travis- Keyboards and backing vocals 1987-1989
Matti Seth- Keyboards, Bass and Vocals 1989-1992
Bruce Palma- Bass and Vocals 1989- Present

* two bass player names are MIA

Surf Film Production and Projection during shows, friendship and guidance – Hal Jepson RIP – 1983-1986


Recording Engineers and Friends

Miles Christensen- Post Logic
William Rogers- Post Logic, Independant and Oversoul Records
Steve Burdick- Westlake Audio Studios / http://www.westlakestudios.com/
Rob Seifert- Aire LA Studios and Independant
Darryl Dobson- Westlake Audio – Darryl’s photography business: / https://www.darryldobson.com/

K-38 Band from Santa Monica Peter DiStefano and Bill Costigan

Guitarist Peter DiStefano of K-38 and Porno for Pyros summer of 1986 Colorado
Peter DiStefano, guitarist and singer of K-38 – lake in Utah 1986; Photo Bill Costigan
K-38 dummer Bill Costigan Santa Monica High School 1983
Bill Costigan of K-38 playing at Santa Monica High School in 1983; Photo; Stan Travis
K-38 playing at Santa Monica High's Quad 1983
K-38 with original line-up playing at Santa Monica High School 1983; Photo Bonnie Mullen
K-38 Band in Arizona with Jimi Ray, Scott Pape, Richard Melnick, Bill Costigan, Gary Leinbach, Peter DiStefano
K-38 taking a driving break in Arizona returning from a quick tour to Boulder Colorado 1987.
K-38 Album Cover Photo 1987 Station Eight Santa Monica Beach California
K-38’s record cover taken at station eight Santa Monica Beach 1987. Photo Credit; Dave Brown
KMET little bit of heaven 94.7 Radio Station in Los Angeles Bumper Sticker cira 1982 The Mighty Met
KMET 94.7 “little bit of heaven” RIP Radio Station formally in Los Angeles. It rocked and influenced us while growing up along with KXLU and KROQ.