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Huddle, Zoom, and Conference Rooms

Meetings are stressful enough, even when your AV equipment works perfectly. Part of the keen pleasure of using a high tech room to conduct business or brainstorm sessions lies in its responsiveness to human touch. Our meeting, conference and huddle rooms are customized for your unique space and needs. These spaces are easy to use, reliable, and can sound and look good, great or world-class as budgets provide. We’re always curious at Poindexter’s. We care about all the aspects, systems, and materials that must fit together for a successful space, beyond even the A/V equipment. We take into account the acoustics, lighting, and HVAC system as well, bringing a holistic approach to Huddle, Zoom, and conference rooms.

  • Simple, table top, handheld or wall mounted remote controls at the ready.
  • Acoustics tuned to support meetings, allowing ideas and information to be heard and understood within the room, and relayed to the receiving room.
  • Lighting that adjusts to the functional requirements of the room while reflecting an accurate image of your space and business beyond.
  • Cameras and Microphones carefully chosen and integrated to capture and deliver clear, crisp images and nuanced sound that portray you and your business professionally
  • Video Displays and Speaker Systems with punch, high resolution, and performance, providing the senses with the best information.
  • Zoom your room to a new level… We’re Certified Zoom Nerds.  https://zoom.us/integrators

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