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This Montana home was built in the 1960’s, and takes full advantage of westerly Missouri River views. The current owners purchased the home from the original family and began much needed updates while carefully maintaining and enhancing the original feel and integrity of the structure. Poindexter’s was contacted in early 2016 by Susie Hoffman from Envi-Design, we were asked to lend a hand with the lighting. Susie and her clients wished for modern recessed light fixtures that blended well with the color tinted plaster ceilings planned for the kitchen and entryway. Susie and the clients decided to extend the lighting updates into the living room. In addition, we updated the sound system and provided an easy-to-use control system.

DALI Lighting

We began researching modern recessed light fixtures that delivered high quality light, had low glare, and provided a clean modern look. We choose Lucifer fixtures equipped with the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) control protocol. The DALI option provide added control and flexibility for this project, the clients welcomed the suggestion. This may have been the first DALI lighting control project in Montana?

Each DALI-equipped light fixture receives both a 120 volt power feed and a low voltage control cable. The control cable may run in series between fixtures, up to 64 devices (fixtures) may be linked in a loop of control wire. With DALI, each fixture may be individually controlled, allowing On/Off control and dimming from .02 % to 100%. Dimming below 5% is typically difficult for LED fixtures to negotiate these Lucifer fixtures with DALI worked like a charm. The fixtures may be grouped into a “zone” creating “areas” or “rooms” of light as well. Lighting “scenes” may be programmed by the end user, “scenes” call up areas of light with specific dimming levels for each fixture.

Another advantage of using DALI is that specific areas may be re-defined or re-configured should a room change it’s layout. Some DALI enabled fixtures go beyond on/off and dimming control offering color tuning. Additional features such as the ability to zoom in/out may be available in the future. We tested both 3000 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin color temperature for the recessed lights in this home; the clients preferred the crisper look of 3000 Kelvin.

Track Lighting

Modern Track Lighting by Tegan was picked for the area above the kitchen counter and designed to help illuminate the expansive living room. In addition, a single “mono point” Tegan fixture was placed in the breakfast room skylight to illuminate the small round breakfast table. Tegan track lighting in the living room was placed on the back side of the large wooden beams hiding the track and fixtures from the fireplace and river view. These tracks provide both general lighting and art lighting in the living room.

Soraa MR16 LED lamps were picked for their light quality. From a design perspective they look right at home mounted in the Tegan track fixtures. We chose 3000K lamps for the kitchen counter fixtures and warmer 2700K lamps for the living room. The art lights are 3000K for greater color accuracy, more punch, and pop.

The “Fin” System

Lastly, we added LED liner tape light in the great room. One of the more prominent places we added it to was the rock window wall. This added quite a bit of dimension to the room. For the ceiling, we picked high color rendering 2500 Kelvin liner tape light. To hide the tape light, we created a “fin system”. Taking a hint from the sculptural fireplace, we used fabricated Copper sheets to create clean and modern “fins” that run down the length of the room. The “Fin System” hides the liner lighting behind it while providing a method of running wires to the front of the room for the living room sound system and the outdoor deck speakers.

Control and Audio System

For control of the lighting and audio system we leveraged Crestron equipment. A wall mounted iPad provides volume and music selection from a Sonos connect. A few carefully placed wall mounted keypads provide convenient control of the lights around the house.

The speakers by Meyer Sound sound especially great in the long and tall living room. Music emanates from the main window and the fireplace (the focal point of the room) which is something we often strive to deliver when placing speakers within a room.

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