rustic media room

This rustic media room belongs to a client who hired us to outfit his Hancock Park, CA home with a screening room 24 years ago. Fresh mountain air and the allure of skiing untracked powder lured this film producer up to Big Sky from tinsel town. This town house/ski chalet is located in the "The Yellowstone Club". We asked for and were given free range of the ceiling as our place to add much needed acoustical treatment. We used fire rated acoustical cotton placed behind custom built fabric panels to reduce sound reflections and echos in the room while maintaining a clean yet rustic look. Going the extra mile in the ceiling system greatly enhanced the acoustical qualities of this room making for a much more pleasing movie viewing and music listening experience.

Hidden behind pocketing cabinet doors the equipment rack that runs this little theater room is easily accessed for playing Blu-Ray and DVD disks. The same rack houses the equipment that runs the sound system for this 3 bedroom town house. All of the componentry is out of sight and out of mind. An easy to use hand held remote is all that's required to run the show. We designed and outfitted a small computer desk for visiting guests to use, the desk features a printer/scanner and an iPod Dock. Music from an iPod/iPhone may be played throughout the house, wall mounted keypads in individual rooms allow for easy song selection and volume adjustment.

We recently up-graded the media room and sound system allowing streaming music and movies to be enjoyed.