paradise valley ranch

This Paradise Valley Home Theater features a Sony QUALIA projector that delivers a stunning image. The speaker system equals the video system. We chose speakers by Meyer Sound -- the same company providing speakers for Carnegie Hall, the Sydney Opera House and all of the Cirque du Soleil shows. The three front speakers are hidden behind a perforated film screen that features auto masking from 1.77 to 2.35 aspect ratios. Two powered subwoofers sit below the projection screen, and another lives in the back of the room.  We worked closely with Paul Bertelli and Logan Leachman, principals at Jonathan Foote Architecture of Bozeman to craft and outfit this theater during a major renovation.

This Montana theater holds a posse plus... 18 in comfort, with a little standing room in the back for late comers or those who need a shower. The seats recline with boot friendly foot rests. The arm rests feature drink holders sized to hold a bottle of rye. We placed the video projector in the equipment room to keep the theater as quiet as possible. There are four rear surround speakers, by Triad, which are hidden behind the acoustical fabric covered walls.

A press of a button on the Crestron iPad app retracts the curtains, powers up the equipment, and dims the lights for movie time. Pass the Pop-Corn! Systems as powerful and intricate as this are made simple to use with a custom control system. This theater is no exception. Simply choose what you want to watch and the system does the rest. All you have to do is pop in your favorite western and go… speaking of movies, the equipment room was built extra large to hold a vast media collection. Eventually the VHS tapes will get upgraded to blu-ray I'm sure...

Back to the stage now with the Karaoke system activated... Yes, we said Karaoke system! What entertaining space is complete without one of these? We've installed a small LCD display on "stage left". This is used to display the lyrics of the song being sung. The clients added the Karaoke system after the project was completed. Thinking ahead during construction, we added spare conduits under the stage allowing us the ability to pull the additional wires required for the Karaoke upgrade. 

The final touch to make this theater authentic was the addition of the LED sign above the entrance. We had some fun programing it…  "Check your guns at the door"   "Spur sharpening 25 cents"  "No Cussing, Fighting or Drinking permitted …. until after the show..." We like to have fun with our projects!