historic barn - indoor & outdoor systems

We love clients that love and appreciate music. The owner of this historic barn is no exception! Over the last 16 years we've had the privilege to do a number of additions and upgrades on the property.

The second floor loft of the barn makes for an exceptional party zone. We equipped the loft with one of the first plasma screen TVs in Montana in 2001. In 2012 we upgraded the plasma to a new Sony LCD TV. If you know how to do simple math, that's 10 years for a plasma TV! That life span is due in part to the the ventilation system provided for the TV. We placed the display in a position where it could do double duty for the room;  1. A comfortable place to watch TV or a Film in 5.1 surround with two rows of teared seating  2. As a display that serves the room as you play pool, ping pong or air hockey. We chose Triad in-wall speakers for the fronts and subs, EAW speakers for the rears. There are also a pair of Triad in-wall speakers that can handle some high-wattage for when they crank up the tunes for an ol' fashion barn party. 

 The main level living space of the barn-turned-house had a need for some extra special speakers. The criteria being, they were to sound clean and great, play very loud and look like they belonged in a beautifully appointed 125 year old barn. Not an easy task as most audiophile speakers are designed for much smaller non-rustic looking rooms. We decided to have custom speakers built using wood taken from the barn (as it was being re-built) and rusted speaker grills. David Nelson from Triad Speakers deserves honorable mention for his hard work and artistry on these one of a kind gems. 

What happens when you have a huge yard and love to throw parties? You discover you need a sound system that can cover all of it! The first 1.0 outdoor sound system we completed for this beautiful Montana property in 2003. This first system featured EAW speakers and subwoofers. The Left and Right speakers were color matched to the barn and tucked up under the eves. Two "dog houses" were built and placed out in the yard to house and protect the subwoofers. This system tested at 90 dB A with program material from 150 feet back from the barn. It was pretty loud, but the client wanted it louder. Because, who doesn't want concert level sound in their back yard? After all, the neighbors are over a mile away!

The 1.0 EAW outdoor system was recycled to another location on the property in 2006 to make way for a Meyer Sound MICA line array rig... The current (2.0) outdoor sound system featuring the first Meyer Sound MICA line array to be weatherized and custom painted. The speaker mounts holding the upper speakers were custom designed and built to a safety factor of 5 to 1 as the speakers live 25' up the air. The rock work of the deck was re-worked allowing two Meyer Sound 700HP stadium subwoofers to be hidden under the planters. This system plays program material at 103+ dB A at 150'. This may be the loudest playing, cleanest sounding outdoor sound system ever installed on a residential building? Remember those neighbors we talked about? Yes, they not only can hear it, but they can understand the lyrics of songs perfectly. It's good that they share the same taste in music.

This music & audiophile utopia would be useless without an easy to use control system. To manage the 12 zones of audio we installed a Crestron control system. Since it's original installation, it has been upgraded to iPad control. The client simply launches the Crestron App and he or she has control over any of the zones of music, including the outdoor yard system. With such powerful control on an iPad, we needed a WiFi system that could keep up and cover the expansive listening area -- yes, that means the whole yard outside! We installed a Ruckus Wireless system. A number of access points cover the space, and a high powered antenna seamlessly handles the connection outside.