cobble creek theater

This modern looking home theater project was completed for a young family in Bozeman, Montana in 2009.  This room was built in an un-finished basement and took about 2 months to complete.  A bathroom and guest room were also added while the dust was flying. We liked the "I-beam" that lived in the center of the room and supports the house, so we asked to keep it exposed. This ended up giving us a good spot to mount the video projector. The long cabinet in the front of the room helps hide the three front speakers. A "powered" subwoofer lives in the front left corner of the room, which is the ideal spot for a subwoofer in this space.

One of the challenges in this space was, "How to mount a video projector without drilling a single hole"? It took a little head scratching, but we had fun with this one. The steel I-beam in the center of the room proved to be the perfect distance from the screen to mount one of Sony's HD projectors. Utilizing high quality beam clamps, we were able to securely fasten the projector to the beam. The result was a clean looking installation that allowed the rustic-yet-modern feel the client was going for. Integrating fresh ideas and collaborating with clients and designers is something we enjoy. 

Note the modern looking drop ceiling pictured behind the Sony video projector. We treated the ceiling on the far side of the I-beam with an acoustical drop ceiling featuring recycled acoustical cotton - a green product that offers superior sound absorption. Altering the acoustics by adding absorption made a big impact on the quality of sound and in the enjoyment of listening in this room.

The screen is motorized, which allows it to be easily retracted with a press of a button on the room's remote control. With the screen up, a beautiful piece of art is exposed, giving the space a warm and creative feel. A very high value media room that brings family and friends together for about the price of a deluxe hot tub.

Also tucked away in the room are two Triad "Silver Omni" speakers. We chose these as side-surround speakers. The Silver-Omni's are a high value multi-purpose speaker with a clean, simple look. We decided to design and fabricate our own mounting brackets for this project taking a design cue from the I-beam in the room. We ended up coating the side speaker brackets with a clear finish to keep them from rusting and marring the painted finish of the drywall. Notice, no exposed wires!