man cave - the ultimate concert system

What Montana hunting ranch is complete without a "man cave"? In 2008 poindexters installed a rockin' 5.1 surround system on the same property as the historic barn (listed above). Meyer Sound speakers were chosen after the wildly successful outdoor system was installed on the ranch. Version 1.0 consisted of two UPA speakers for left and right channels. The center was the slightly smaller UPA, and surrounds were UPJuniors. One USW sub barely kept up with the amount of SPL demanded of the system. 

The industrial look of the Meyer speakers were a stark contrast to the rustic architecture, but it signaled the seriousness of the sound you were about to enjoy. As you would expect in a man cave, the system was used for sports and music. The favored media was concert DVDs. The modest 65" TV accompanied they Meyer speakers to provide a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience. However… that wasn't enough.

Enter man cave version 2.0… The task: deliver world-class, concert-level sound while maintaining the utmost fidelity. The solution: Meyer Sound's new EXP cinema sound system. The cave features the first Meyer Sound EXP "Acheron Studio" sound system installed in a residential project in the USA. The EXP systems were designed by Meyer with leading post production sound stages in mind. Skywalker Sound located in Marin County, CA uses these extremely accurate and powerful sound systems in their mix rooms and within their "reference" movie theater. The man cave theater may just be the best sounding movie theater in the Galaxy. We also integrated a number of "rustic acoustical elements" into this room which really help round out the sound of this square shaped room.