karen voight fitness



Karen Voight is an American fitness expert and long time friend of Bill Costigan. On a visit to Montana Karen remarked that the vast, mountainous backdrop would be ideal for two of her upcoming exercise DVDs. Having filmed over 20 DVDs during her career, Karen set out in 2010 to have her next two videos filmed in Montana. A few months later we found ourselves sitting out in a gorgeous barley field in the foothills of Montana's majestic mountains. poindexters provided Karen with location audio recording and sun umbrella wrangling. The two videos were then edited, color corrected, and mixed at our facility. 

With the success of those two DVDs under our collective belts, Karen returned in 2012 eager to shoot another DVD. We journeyed up the mountains on a warm autumn day to one of our clients properties in the Paradise Valley. This billion dollar view served as the backdrop for Karen's 28th exercise DVD. Once again poindexters provided all of the on-location sound, as well as the post-production audio mixing.