trap bar, targhee wy

The Trap Bar is located at the base of the mountain at the Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Alta, Wyoming. Targhee is famous for the amount of snow it receives each season. The Trap is known as a great small venue for live music. In 2007 poindexters helped rennovate the landmark with new flat panel TVs and a state-of-the-art sound system for their ledgendary musical performances. 

For above the bar area, we designed and provided a 30 foot recycled Doug Fir timber for the "booze bottle display".  The design highlights the bottles with up-lighting. Above the bottles a large liquid resistant acoustical panel made from recycled polystyrene was placed behind the three Sony flat screen TV's. The black colored acoustic material is mounted to plywood backing.  The backing is held out off the wall by 3 inches allowing us to "back light" the panel with inexpensive rope lights.

The stage area was rennovated and outfitted with new speakers and acoustic dampening to help make artist's music heard the way it was meant to. A pair of Meyer Sound UPJ speakers were hung above the stage, and we used a Meyer Sound 600 HP subwoofer to fill out the low end. Meyer's Galileo digital speaker processor lives in the equipment rack and handles all of the careful calibration of the system's sound. 

For acoustics, we backed the stage area with black colored recycled polystyrene acoustical material framed in wood adding some much needed absorption and diffusion behind the stage. A motorized film screen was mounted at the top of the "acoustic stage wall". The projection screen is raised with a button press at the bar when the band begins to play. Three acoustic baffles were hung from the ceiling with cables providing additional absorption in the room. The acoustic panel behind the stage was held out away from the wall by a few inches allowing the panel to be back lit. The black strips mounted on the ceiling above the stage help to break up the "crack" of a snare drum.