montana ale works, bozeman mt

Montana Ale works is known for its fine beer selection and welcoming atmosphere. As a popular dining destination in the Bozeman area, Montana Ale works has a packed house most nights. One of the more interesting features of the restaurant is the freight car that has "pulled up" along side the main dining room. Although this retrofitted dining area was unique, it had one problem: it was too loud. Restaurant goers and wait staff noticed that a full house in the rail car was uncomfortably noisy. The age old problem of trying to talk louder than the next table was escalating out of control. The problem was caused by the slanted plywood ceiling in the rail car. This very hard surface directly reflected all of the sound back down at the tables. Instead of just hearing your friend's voice directly, you were also hearing it reflected off of the ceiling (as well as everyone else's noise!). 

Poindexters came to the rescue with an elegant solution. We hung our favorite, and most effective, acoustic paneling along the rail car's ceiling. The "acoustical cotton panel" is made from 100% recycled, class A fire rated, cotton. The cotton was woven into a cost effective metal mesh providing not only an esthetically pleasing design, but also a very effective sound absorber. Due to the increase of surface area on the woven cotton, these panels were much more effective than the standard cloth covered fiberglass panels, as well as a leed-certified & green material.

After installing just 7 of these panels, the owners and patrons were sold on the design and the effectiveness of these cotton panels. Some nights during the year Ale Works now brings in small bands to perform in the rail car -- something that couldn't have happened (or at least sounded as good) before.