Bozeman's CooP Market

poindexters believes your health is your wealth. There are many aspects of health, but our favorites are the food you eat and the sound you hear. It is no surprise, then, that we've been doing some work for Bozeman's famed Community Food CoOp. This cooperatively-owned grocery store has two locations in Bozeman -- a fully stocked west-main grocery store, and a downtown deli location aimed at providing a healthy eating alternative for downtown Bozeman. Poindexters has outfitted both locations with high quality speaker systems to pair the joy of music with local, organic foods. The west-main location has a number of "zoned" systems that are playing different tunes through out the day. The downtown deli currently has speakers covering the deli and checkout areas. 

In addition to providing high quality, cost-effective sound for the two locations, poindexters was also able to outfit their new downtown location with "acoustic clouds" for over their dining area. Affectionately named "bacon strips" these acoustic panels offer a two-fold acoustical benefit. First, the semi sound-reflective woven wood pattern helps keep noisy lunch-goers' sound on one side of the space. The varied surface area breaks up the sound so that it is not reflected directly back down, minimizing how loud the space is able to get. Secondly, the acoustical and leed-certified acoustic cotton is woven above the wood providing absorption of sounds above the dining area. This creative design element looks fitting while being functional.