bringing the best of sound to the out of doors

At poindexter's we appreciate being outside and having music so of course this has been a big area of interest for us. One of our more extreem clients wanted "concert sound" outside his barn. The first sound system we did played quite loud, we needed something that played "extreemly" loud. After much research, hiring a structural engineer and comuter modeling a system we select equipment by Meyer Sound. This began an exticing and fun journey for us in learning their about amazing technology and vast product line.

Not all of us have that kind of budget, so we also offer other solutions for your patios, hot tub decks, or other outdoor areas.  We offer speakers from several different manufactures, many sizes, shapes and colors, even speakers made to look like rocks.  Ideally we like to hide outdoor speakers under eaves, or up in trees so that the look is unobtrusive while squezeing as much proformance as possible out of the speaker.  For those who want "full-range" music outside, we also have options for adding a subwoofer to your outdoor system. And, of course, if you need a subterranean sub for your outdoor volcano, we can do that too!