music in every room of the house

Here at Poindexter's we love music. Great music has the power to influence opinions and inspire dreams. It shapes environments and sets moods. When we surround ourselves with music life is simply better. Why not, then, have music in every room of the house?

Poindexter's knows how to bring your love of music to every room in your home. Multi-room audio solutions sound complex, but Poindexter's makes it simple. If you're building a new home, we can invisibly run wire all throughout your home to deliver music where you want it most (even outside!). A central "brain" intelligently powers the entire system, and control is made simple in each room with touch screen keypads or volume controllers. We also have solutions to wirelessly transport your tunes if you're already moved in. As always, the Poindexter's team is dedicated to bringing you high quality sound so you can be sure your system will sound great no matter what.