high definition video for any room

Video technology has evolved from large, clunky old boxes half the size of your living room into thin, sleek panels that virtually disappear when viewed from the side. Not only have they gotten sleeker but the resolution and picture quality is as clear as real life. These "high definition" TVs and projectors are a staple in any home. They can scale from a simple kitchen TV for the news, up to an impressive theater experience in your media room. Poindexter's leverages this technology to bring you the best visual experience in your home. 

poindexter's has teamed up with Sony to bring you the best in high-definition video. We offer the newest Sony HD TVs and projectors, as well as Sony Bluray players to deliver the highest resolution visual experience. Sony has always been an innovator in quality visual technologies, so it's only natural that we would pair this great brand with all of our other cutting-edge brands. We've also chosen Sony because of their forward looking TV design, as well as how they integrate with other technologies. If you've got your eye on another brand of TV or projector let us know. Chances are we can get it for you too!

Contact us if you're in need on one of these modern high-definition displays, projectors, or screens and we'll get you exactly what you need!