how can we help you with your residential project?

A sound system is an investment in family and friends, it's something that brings daily enjoyment to all who are lucky enough to listen. Music keeps us feeling and acting young, the music we listen too becomes the soundtrack to our lives, many lasting memories are formed with and around musical experiences. Your first concert, who was it? Who were you with? Where was it and when?

A music system is almost as common today as having running water and a heating system. Some argue that music is as important to life as air and water? poindexter's prides itself on finding the right audio-video fit. We factor in the design and the science behind each product we recommend. We offer the widest range of product choices in Montana. We know how to make systems easy to use. 

Watching a film or a video event with family and friends brings us together. Many of us live in MT because we wish to be outside as much as possible, when we find the time to relax and watch a movie, the experience can be made much more exciting and enjoyable with quality products. Not only can poindexter’s help with equipment choices, we offer thoughtful installation and remote control systems providing ease of operation for everyone.

Much like choosing an architect or builder, selecting an A/V company to work on your home is a serious decision. poindexter's is a creative and experienced company with a sense of humor. Over the 27 years we've been in around, before nerds were considered hip, we've developed a solid reputation for providing high quality systems and excellent service. We offer an eye toward design, an ear for music, the ability to connect everything together seamlessly. Research is time well spent, we invite those interested A/V systems to schedule a visit our facility to see and experience our work, to meet the creative and hardworking team called poindexter's.