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Sound and Video systems are powerful tools that businesses should consider harnessing. A quality sound system improves the working environment. Video may be used to convey information, entertain or, be add an interesting artistic installation with morphing images giving a space the ability to change and adapt? There are many possibilities when it comes to how sound and video images combine to help tell a story or provide better, clearer information.

The term "BYOD" meaning, "Bring Your Own Device" is popular in technology circles. Many of us walk around with powerful smartphone devices, the idea behind BYOD is to make it possible for people to easily share information from their device with an AV system allowing others to view, listen to, “experience” whatever it is...

poindexter's is a community minded company, we like supporting and helping local businesses navigate the vast audio and visual world. We believe that the right audio, video, and acoustics can make your company's message and atmosphere shine. Whether you're building a new space, retrofitting an existing space, or just want to enhance what you already have, we offer a wide range of services and products to help you accomplish these goals.

Outfitting a space with a sound system is an investment. We have the ability to predict how a sound system will cover a space. An example of this is given in the "audio" section on the left of this page. Sound and video systems may also be "zoned" creating subsystems, such a system would be helpful for a large restaurant or ballroom where music or video could be divided to provide individual control within smaller divisible spaces. We design systems that allow for all sorts of possibilities, they’re always easy to use and they stand the test of time.

We’re one of the few A/V firms offering acoustical testing, consulting and specialized products that work together to improve the sound of a space making it more functional and pleasant to be within. In addition to installing audio, video, and acoustical products, we also offer a wide range of production services too. We've been growing our demo/studio facility, we offer services such as: state-of-the-art audio playback, sound and video editing, and sweetening.

We offer sound and video system rentals for any size event: from large rock concerts to small business meetings. If you don't see the item or service you're interested in, send us an email or give us a call, we'd like to discover how we can be of service!