acoustical solutions

The acoustic properties of a space can effect people, businesses and places of learning and worship in both positive and negative ways. Early on we discovered that a sound system is greatly affected by the room it's placed within. We began to think about ways of addressing acoustical issues to squeeze more performance out of the sound systems we were designing and installing. In our quest for better sound we've been developing different ways to effectively treat a variety of spaces, while keeping an eye and ear toward the look, cost, and the environmental impact involved. Working in recording studios and on a number of up-scale restaurants in California and Tokyo also helped shape our tolerance toward noisy, distracting, irritating, and unpleasant environments. One of our proudest accomplishments to date is the "acoustical cotton panel system" developed in 2008 (pictured above). Made from 90% recycled, class A fire rated cotton suspended via a cost effective metal lattice . These unique environmentally friendly panels are available in a number of configurations and colors. We've been slicing and dicing, weaving and hanging variations of these custom panels many different music venues, restaurants and schools in Montana and Idaho. The list includes: Over the Tapas, The Ale Works, Music Villa, MSU Engineering Department, Bozeman Public Library, The Bitter Root Brewing Company (Hamilton, MT), and the Trap Bar (Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Idaho).  

We use sophisticated testing equipment to measure the "reverberant" qualities of a room, we look to identify frequencies and surfaces that are problematic, flanking paths where sound is intruding in from one room to another. Once we understand the how and why, we begin to work on a solution to absorb, diffuse, and/or isolate the unwanted sounds. All the while we strive to stay within budget while making or choosing a solution that's aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

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A link to an interesting TED talk on Acoustics and designing for the ears.