video systems

In the technology rich environment which we live today, video is a tool that is being adopted by more and more businesses, large and small alike. Whether you're a restaurant wishing to spice up your menu, a Realtor with the desire to provide a personal video tour of your homes, or an office manager hoping to streamline company meetings, the addition of a video system to your business can provide the efficiency or flair you've been seeking.

Poindexter's offers a wide range of video systems for your business. Digital signage for advertising, video portfolios and product showcase; flat panel displays or projection screens for presentation reinforcement; interactive touchscreens for learning or information; or maybe just a wall mounted TV in the break room for downtime. In addition, we provide control systems and content distribution systems so your customers see your content and are not distracted by the technology. If you can dream it, we can help make it a reality.