room acoustics

One aspect of the business environment that is frequently overlooked is acoustic treatment. It is becoming increasingly popular to use materials such as exposed concrete, metal, glass, and wood in both new construction and remodel projects. While these materials can be beautiful in design, they have the undesired side effect of creating a harsh listening environment.

The more these materials are used as boundaries to a room (floors, walls, and ceilings), the more sound is allowed to reflect, or "bounce", around the room. This creates a couple of problems. First, the ambient noise level in the room increases, because sound is able to travel further unimpeded. Second, individual sounds, such as voice conversation, become harder to distinguish as a result of the louder ambient noise. A great example of this would be a noisy restaurant.  Multiple customer conversations are occurring at once, and each conversation reflects and carries around the room, making it very difficult to talk with the person across the table. Another common issue is sound transmission through walls. Cheaper or poorly thought out construction creates opportunities for sound to wander from room to room, or business to business. These unwanted sounds need to be hunted down and kicked out with proper wall construction and acoustic treatment. 

This is where Poindexters comes in; by intelligently placing sound absorbing materials in key places within the room, we are able to "tune" the space to fit your needs. With a variety of acoustic materials at our disposal,  we can design a solution that meets your auditory expectations while maintaining the look and feel of your business space. From softening the ambient noise in a large dining area to acoustically separating office cubicles, we will find a solution for you.