acoustic solutions

"It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."

- Abraham Maslow

It is true. If you only have one tool in your belt you'll only have one solution to the problems you come up against. But we all know that one tool can't solve all of life's problems. Likewise, the wide world of acoustics cannot be solved with a small tool set, which is why poindexters designs custom acoustic solutions. We strive to avoid the "cookie-cutter" solution mentality in order to design attractive and functional answer for your space. 

We have sought out materials that are efficient, attractive, and adaptable to various projects. Our favorite tool for absorption is an acoustical cotton material. It is a 100% recycled and 100% Class A nonflammable material that is resistant to mold and mildew. These cotton panels have the highest noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of any comparative material. The reason comes from the random thread diameter, length, and orientation of the cotton. Taking it further, the panels come in 1", 2" and 4" thicknesses and various densities, as well as many attractive colors. Each variation of the cotton product can be implemented in different solutions. Thicker cotton is more efficient at absorbing lower frequencies then 1" cotton, but if you only need to absorb kids screaming, then 1" cotton is ideal. 

Sound can also be diffused by varying the surface the sound is hitting. We like to use what we call "noodle board". It is a poly propylene material that is engineered to absorb and diffuse sound, and happens to look like it's made of noodles! This product also comes in a 1" and 2" thickness with various effectiveness across different frequencies. By deploying this product with varying thicknesses, we can achieve a diffusive field that also absorbs some sound, further controlling the sound in the space. 

We've been developing acoustic designs to fit into spaces by finding creative materials and fasteners to hang, mask, and dress our solutions. Our most innovative design is what we call the "cotton weave" which is a highly effective solution. The increased surface area of the weaved cotton allows us to use fewer panels in a space and achieve the same amount of absorption. It's unique appearance looks at home in many modern spaces, and we've been researching creative ways to light these panels to also turn them in to productive works of art. 

The cotton weave isn't always fitting in every environment. Therefore we've come up with other solutions. We have found a clip system to incorporate acoustic fabric to hide the cotton. This design can be scaled to create any size panel, so you're not stuck with the standard 2'x4' panel you see in many installations.