services offered:

  • Sound, Video and Control Systems 
  • Event Services and AV Equipment Rental
  • Acoustical Testing, Sound Absorbing Products and Solutions
  • LED lighting products and Lighting Control Systems

Welcome to Poindexter's

Poindexter's is focused on how music, sound, video and lighting combine and interact to make spaces more functional, enjoyable and special. The integrated systems we deliver are easy to use. Our aim, always, is to enhance the lives of our clients, their families and friends. Again and again, the feedback from our clients is: We delivered. We bolster our community by supporting the arts and sciences. Businesses that seek to stand apart from the pack call upon us for strategy, design and installation; we work with clients to develop and realize the best possible solution to any challenge. Events where sound and visuals are paramount look our way.

Poindexter's delivers high performance AV systems, acoustical treatments, lighting systems, and LED solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes, with an eye and ear on the environment. We have extensive experience working on residential and commercial projects including; museums, restaurants, conference rooms, music venues, places of worship, recording studios, schools and volcanoes. Alright, one volcano was equipped, without getting burned. We specialize in designing and outfitting media rooms and theater systems. We also provide acoustical testing and technology consulting.

For your wedding, concert, or other events, we offer AV equipment rental, event services and staffing.

Poindexter's brings a practical yet playful approach to problem solving, blending engineering, artistry, craft and collaboration. Our talented staff share a deep passion for music and design. We have a healthy respect for technology, client privacy and herding dogs. We wrangle creative technical solutions all around Montana.

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