over the tapas, bozeman mt

Over the Tapas is an original, delectable dining experience in the heart of downtown Bozeman. In 2008 Poindexters was asked if we could "quiet" the restaurant down. The high ceilings and hard surfaces in the restaurant made conversations during dinner loud and unintelligible, so Bill and the Poindexters team set out to design an artful and effective acoustical solution. Up until this point the standard in acoustic treatment was a fiberglass panel covered in fabric that allowed sound to pass through to be absorbed by the fiberglass. Although this could have been an option, we wanted to provide a solution that was more environmentally and physically healthy. 

After a few design phases the "acoustical cotton cloud" was born. Made from 100% recycled, class A fire rated, cotton. The cotton was woven into a cost effective metal mesh providing not only an esthetically pleasing design, but also a very effective sound absorber. Due to the increase of surface area on the woven cotton, these panels were much more effective than the standard cloth covered fiberglass panels, as well as a leed-certified & green material. Today, old and young alike can go in to Over the Tapas and enjoy world class food, wine, and an acoustically comfortable environment.